10 things to do in Qatar this winter

10 things to do in Qatar this winter 

– Keep yourself active by playing an outdoor sport. Winter is the time to use those tennis rackets or that football!

– Like how you stay hydrated during summer, chug up a lot of water on the winter days togame

– Learn how to make the best hot cocoa when winter days turn out to be too foggy or rainy!

– Finally, winter is the time for some bright colours and coziness. Get a bright cushion to lighten up that couch or a comfortable recliner to relax in!

– Eat outdoors during winter. Either go on a picnic with your loved ones to a park or if a restaurant has outdoor seatings, go for it!

– Love to take photographs? Then, organize a photo walk! Call up your friends and walk along the streets of Doha while capturing the nooks and corners of the city.

– Lace up those running shoes and go for a jog or a walk. Winter is the best time to work out and sweat out. The sun will be gentle and the climate will be amazing.

– It’s time to get that bicycle dusted! Biking would have been a big no-no to most of us in the summer but it’s perfect for winter!

– Make sure that your water heater works well! Ever turned on the shower to be greeted by, gah, cold water? That water heater, double check it!

– Go Camping! Camping season generally starts on October and lasts till April. Thus, along with winter, comes camping, one of the best entertainments in Qatar.

There are many campsites in Qatar. For instance, Zekreet is popular and a well-loved campsite. Apart from the beautiful sceneries to enjoy, Zekreet also has the mystery village, the Zekreet fort and a beach for all your water games!

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