11 information you should know about Doha,Qatar


  1. The name of the capital city means ’roundness’.


  1. If you are new to Doha, then you can search online for communities in aim of getting involved in various activities that you care about.


  1. December 18 is National Day in Qatar. In addition to various vacations, such as Eid Al Fitr and Eid Al Adha knowing that Qatar is an Islamic country.


  1. Arabic is the national language in the country but because of the large expatriate population that lives there, English, Urdu, French, Malayalam and Tagalog also are used too.


  1. The weekend in Qatar is on Friday and Saturday. Concerning the stores and mall, most of them close on Friday morning until the Jumaah (an Islamic prayer) afternoon prayer.


  1. While you are in Qatar, you must wear a modest dress, because this is an Islamic country. That is why men and women should respect the religion and culture, through covering their knees and arms.


  1. Football is the most popular sport in the country. You can play football in several location and clubs. Yet many other games are available for those interested.


  1. The temperature in Doha is usually 50C. Many people prefer to spend their times indoors when coolers are available. It’s preferable to use sunscreen and get out enjoying the summer time. You can camp at a beach or in the desert or even make a picnic with friends or family.


  1. Public transportation is available all over the Capital in form of taxi or buses. Also you have what is called the Doha Bus which provides a tour around the city with a guide. Plus there are many other available means of transportation around the city.


  1. Karak tea is one of the most known drinks in Qatar.


  1. “Souq Waqif”, a traditional cultural bazaar, which offers a variety of products in addition to restaurants from various worldwide cuisines. There you can enjoy your time and have some rest.


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