250 persons beat a doctor till death

250 persons beat a doctor till death

India’s elderly doctor, 75-year-old Devin Dutt, was brutally beaten and tortured to death by 250 people in India after claiming that he was not in the hospital at the moment when an injured worker was taken to an ambulance, blaming the doctor for her death.

This brutal attack prompted a prominent medical union to call a strike so that the perpetrators could be held to account.

As the injured worker entered the hospital, she stayed there for three hours in a critical condition. She died and the doctor was not present yet, prompting her colleagues to hold the doctor responsible for her death.

Indian police rushed to arrest 21 suspects from the hospital, minutes after the attack on the elderly doctor, who died within hours of his wounds.

In the wake of the horrific crime, the country’s largest medical association, the Indian Medical Association, with its 3 million members, called for a strike to protest the incident and demand retribution from the perpetrators.

Incidents such as these “have become commonplace in the lives of doctors, who no longer have value in India,” it added.

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