4 activities to do this winter in Qatar!

  1. Camping in the Desert

Enjoy the weather and go out to deserts in aim of camping. Stay overnight under the stars and sleep. You can camp along the Sealine. Go now and enjoy the Qatari nature!

  1. Picnic in the Park

Take the picnic basket, fill it with food and goodies and got to one of the many parks in Qatar. You could go to Aspire Park, Dahl al Hamam Park, Museum of Islamic Art Park, Sheraton Park or even Al Khor Park to enjoy a amazing day with a relaxing atmosphere. While you are having good time and enjoying the fresh air, your children may get take a ride on their own bike or even play football.

  1. Barbecue on the Beach

Gather your barbecue gear, get some meat and go to nearest beach! Swim and let your kids build sandcastles. Visit Al Wakrah Family Beach, Sealine Beach, Fuwairit Beach or go to Qatar in the north and enjoy the beach there or the Inland Sea Beach at the border with Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

  1. Strolling on the Corniche

Go walk on the Corniche, and enjoy the wind blowing in your face. Do some exercises along the  Corniche to burn off some calories.

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