3 smart tricks for a faster chat using WhatsApp

3 smart tricks for a faster chat using WhatsApp


Direct access

Using this feature, you can create direct access or a shortcut to your favorite contacts, so you can access chat from the home screen of your phone without having to access the app as stated in a report by Stuff, a specialist in technology news.
This feature can be activated by selecting the contact for which you want to create direct access, by clicking on the conversation for a few seconds, in the user interface, and then choosing from the “Create shortcut” options menu.

Pin important conversations

This feature prefers one or more contacts to others for easy access, as the required contact remains on top of the contacts even if you receive messages from other parties, this chat will always remain in the foreground.
The feature can be used directly from the “chat” interface, by selecting the conversation that we want to install, and in the options menu that appears at the top, we use the “screw” icon.

Featured messages

Marking favorite or important messages makes it easy to find them without having to search all the conversations, and this feature is perfect for saving dates, addresses, names, etc.
It can be used by entering the conversation that contains the specific message you want to distinguish, and clicking for a few seconds on the mentioned message to select it by clicking on the “star” icon in the top bar.