315 wild animals at Al Khor Family Park

315 wild animals at Al Khor Family Park


The mini zoo at Al Khor Family Park has emerged as major destination for children where they can interact with their favourite animals and birds.

Seeing animals in real life is a much more immersive experience than reading about them in books or watching them on screens; kids feel more connected to the creatures.

The new look of the park features a mini zoo, a battery-operated train and many other facilities.
A cinema hall and an amphitheater to host different types of activities are also added to the park.

The park has many entertainment facilities, games, green areas and restaurants.

A veterinary clinic was set up at the park to provided medical services to the animals.

The new look park’s mini zoo has seven new sections which house 315 children’s favourite animals of 49 species

The zoo has an Asian bear, two African lions, two Bengal tigers, two white tigers, two black jaguars, two cheetahs. The monkey section includes two chimpanzees, 12 baboons, 16 vervet, 12 cappuccino, three rhesus.

The crocodile pond has three Nile crocodiles. Two giraffes, a rhinoceros, an Asian cat and a wild cat are also added to the zoo.

Seven bird cages have been added which have two Macau birds, one yellow and one blue, 10 African Casco birds, 20 lovebirds, 20 wildbirds, six Amazon birds, and eight Indian parrots.

The waterfowl birds without cages that are added to the large birdcage include eight flamingos, 12 ibis, 22 white geese, 12 white ducks, six Ethiopian chicken, and 24 Indian peacocks.

Seven zebras, 26 gazelle deer, five African ostriches, five Australian ostriches, five dwarf goats, four sika gazelle, 12 rare pygmy monkeys of six species were available before renovation.

The zoo has specially designed barns. An artificial lake has been developed for crocodiles where visitors can view crocodiles up close.

The giraffe’s barn is designed so that a visitor can interact and take memorial photos by feeding the giraffes. The bear is placed inside an open barn with a glass insulator that allows the visitors and people with special needs to view it closely.

Wild cats’ section is also designed as the visitors can see them closely at a distance of 1.5 metres. Monkeys’ section has five barns through which a visitor can see them at a distance of 1.5 metres.

Water birds are seen from the bridge, while other birds can be viewed by entering in the large cage and walking on the bridge inside it.

The 240,000 square metre park features a zoo, a waterfall and a battery-operated train, a spacious restaurant, mosque, museum, mini-golf area, wall mural, skating area, children’s play area, basketball court, food kiosks, drinking fountain, waterfall and an amphitheatre.

Al Khor Park has two play areas: one for older children and one for the younger ones. These play areas are completely covered with a rubber floor and occupy an area of approximately 4,000 square metres. There is also an external area for sports and surfboarding.

The entry fees to Al Khor Family Park is QR15 per person for adults and QR10 for the children up to 10 years. The train ride will charge QR5 per person. The park will open from Saturday to Thursday, from 10am to 11pm. On Friday, it will receive visitors from 2pm to 11pm and on Tuesday will be dedicated for women and children.

Visiting a zoo offers so many incredible learning opportunities. While having a fun day exploring, kids will develop valuable skills and obtain priceless knowledge.

A day at the zoo also encourages a healthy lifestyle while bringing family and friends together. It is the perfect day trip destination for any season.


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