4 ways to read “WhatsApp” messages without knowing the sender

4 ways to read “WhatsApp” messages without knowing the sender


Many are embarrassed by WhatsApp messages, especially when they do not want to answer a message.
The program shows blue marks when messages are read by the recipient, which makes many feel embarrassed by the lack of response. Here are 4 tricks to read messages without the sender knowing:


Disable blue notification

Many criticized the company’s launch of the blue notifications feature to signify receiving messages and seeing them by the sender, so the company later added a special option that enables the user to deactivate this feature.
Read messages on the mobile notification bar

The second method depends on the notifications that the application shows on the main Android interface. Once you receive a message via WhatsApp, you can withdraw the notification bar located at the top of the Android interface, and the message will appear to you in full, but without clicking on it, and one of the downsides of this method is that it appears another Message sent only.

Turn off the internet connection

This method depends on turning off the Internet in the phone, then opening the message, but care must be taken before restarting the Internet, the application must be permanently stopped and completely exited, thus the sender will not receive the blue notifications.
Add the program to the home screen

When adding any program to the list of major programs in “Android” systems, messages will be opened automatically and placed on the screen interface, so the application does not open and notifications appear to the sender, but you can read any message as soon as it arrives.
This method allows you to respond to the sender without opening the message also, and to activate this feature you have to open the list of add-ons on your Android phone and then search for “WhatsApp” and drag it to the main screen.

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