5 reasons why you should live in Qatar!

5 reasons why you should live in Qatar!

1. Good a healthcare system

Qatar has a number of public and private hospitals that offers high quality of healthcare.


2. Tax-Free Salary

In Doha, there is no tax on personal per capita income.

In 2018 new tax regulations were introduced. The law included a 100% tax on tobacco and its derivative products and all energy drinks, along with a 50% tax on all sugary drinks.

Qatar was expected to implement VAT from the start of 2019 but it deferred this decision.

3. Low crime rate

Qatar has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Global Peace Index of 2019 ranked Qatar as the most peaceful nation in the MENA region.


4. Exposure to a multicultural community

There are over 100 nationalities living in Doha. It is home to various expat communities exposing everyone to their culture, traditions and most importantly, cuisine. You can meet people from different backgrounds and countries.


5. World-class education

Doha is home to some of the best universities in the world. There are more than 330 schools operating in the country and their fees vary according to the school. Some schools are for specific communities.

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