A crime in Qatar because of bank checks

A crime in Qatar because of bank checks


A person gave a check without balance, and presented it to the victim to be a guarantee of a personal loan, and that the court of the first instance did not require the original of the check to challenge it with forgery.

The complainant stated that the reason for the checks is against a personal loan and not a guarantee for him.

The appellant reported that he had issued the checks to be able to purchase a store, and it was reported in the investigation records that he had approved before the Public Prosecution and a court of the first instance the validity of his signing the checks and that they were issued by him, and it was decided that failure to present the original of the check does not negate the crime.

A check, in the definition of the Commercial Transactions Law, is an order from the drawer to the drawee who is not dependent on the condition that a certain amount of money be paid to the beneficiary and that it is considered a fulfillment instrument and it dispenses from the use of the money in transactions, and it may be a guarantee instrument by which the drawer guarantees the payment of another debt or obligation if it does not He fulfills his right, and in this case the check loses its nature and becomes a guarantee that revolves around existence and non-existence with the debt, or the guaranteed obligation.

And what the appellant invoked on the grounds of his appeal that the checks for the lawsuit were a guarantee of a personal loan according to the complainant’s statement, and then what the appellant raises before the court is not valid.

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