A new danger lurks Android devices around the world!

A new danger lurks Android devices around the world!


Security researchers at a Norwegian company specialized in information security have warned of a serious security vulnerability that could threaten millions of Android devices.

The researchers at the Norwegian company Promon pointed out that the recently discovered Strandhogg 2.0 vulnerability is similar to the one they announced last year, which was named Strandhogg, and can be used in almost the same way to penetrate the users ’devices.

The dangerous thing about this loophole is that it allows hackers to access any sensitive data in smart devices running “Android-9” and older systems, such as contacts and photos and enables them to know the location of the device, and it may also be used to access the data bank accounts associated with the devices.

Through this loophole, hackers can penetrate the victims ’devices without the victim realizing the deception, by sending malicious programs to the victim’s phone, and these programs show fake interfaces to the user when trying to enter passwords and data for an application, after which the hacker gets this data.

According to the information available, the experts at Promon informed Google of their discovery of the new vulnerability, while a spokesman for the company indicated that the experts worked on issuing a new update for Google Play Protect to block applications that might exploit this vulnerability.

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