A new mobile app in Qatar

A new mobile app in Qatar

Sidra Medicine has launched a bi-lingual mobile application called 10 Moons based on the lunar calendar duration of a pregnancy.

The 10 Moons helps expectant mothers track their pregnancy journey and provides them with advice and information about medical care.

Its available for free on both Android and Apple.

Sidra Medicine is a trusted source of information.

It also allows women and their families to become active partners of their care.

Key features of 10 Moons include ‘Plan of care: information about what to expect from each appointment,’ ‘Weekly updates: Access to the latest information about the baby’s development,’ ‘Ultrasound images: Access to ultrasound scans sent directly to the patient,’ ‘Nutrition: Healthy eating guide,’ and ‘Antenatal classes: information about upcoming antenatal classes.’


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