A problem appeared between Qatar and KSA

A problem appeared between Qatar and KSA

Saudi Arabian authorities recently arrested Mohsen Saleh Saadoun Al Qurabi, a Qatari citizen, who was recently returning from Yemen after visiting his family.

Al Karbi was arrested by Saudi-led coalition forces at the border between Yemen and Oman on April 21, without explaining on what charges he was detained.

Qatar’s National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) has condemned the arrest and strongly stated that it was a flagrant violation of international laws, reported Gulf Times.

The NHRC called on all international human rights bodies and organizations to intervene quickly to release the Qatari national who was arbitrarily detained by the Saudi authorities, reported The Peninsula.

Al Qurabi, who is 63, suffers from chronic health problems that require continuous healthcare, according to Qatar Tribune.

The ministry has called for Al Qurabi’s immediate release, saying his safety and security were the responsibility of Saudi authorities who are duty-bound to provide him necessary healthcare.

The statement also said Saudi authorities must ensure his legal rights to defend himself and enable him to communicate with his family. They must enable the competent authorities in Qatar to communicate with him to check on his health.

The statement also called for refraining from using arbitrary measures against people because of political differences.

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