A sad video shows expat woman crying for not getting her salary

A sad video shows expat woman crying for not getting her salary

Most of the time, employees receive gratuity pay after years of service with their employers. This payment is like a gratitude pay and every employee, including domestic helpers are entitled to have one. However, this isn’t the case of Corazon Uyaw.

Corazon Uyaw was a domestic helper in Kuwait who was found by a concerned citizen. She asked for help because her employer allegedly sent her away without paying her for 14 years.

According to Corazon, she told her employer that she wanted to go back to the Philippines because she is already suffering from numerous pains. But her employer wouldn’t permit her and refused to give her passport. She forced her employer to hand the passport. Corazon was sent away by her employer after that.

Her nightmare didn’t end with that. Corazon’s employer didn’t give her salary for the last 14 years. According to her employers, they do not have money to pay her salary.

Fortunately, Corazon was able to book a flight to the Philippines and she already has a flight schedule. But sad to say, Nanay Corazon do not have a single penny after years of struggles abroad.

Good thing a concerned citizen found Nanay Corazon. Jack Ebaya helped her ride a taxi going to the Embassy where she can surely ask for assistance.

See below video  via ofw-Kuwait

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