A serial killer of 93 women is arrested

A serial killer of 93 women is arrested


Samuel Little, 79, who has been in prison since 2014, admitted that between 1970 and 2005, a total of 93 people, mostly women, had been killed in crimes that have been confirmed by US police so far, making it the worst serial killer in US history.

The FBI said Little has been serving a life sentence since 2014 after being convicted of three murders, but the number of victims appears to be much higher.

“For many years, Samuel Little thought he could not be arrested because no one cared about his victims,” said FBI criminal analyst Christie Palazzolo.

“Although he is already in prison, the FBI considers it important to bring justice to all his victims.”

According to the FBI, his investigators believe that all the crimes Little confessed to commit are probably true, and for this reason the FBI has created a website that posted the serialized confessions of the serial killer, which tells the murders he has committed, and whose victims have yet to be identified.

“Many of these deaths were originally categorized as overdose, accidental deaths, or without a specific cause. Some of the bodies have not been found,” the FBI said on the website.

Little Boxer, also known as Samuel McDowell, was first arrested in 2012 at a homeless shelter in Kentucky, which turned him over to California as part of a drug investigation.

Arriving in California, DNA tests allowed him to murder three women in Los Angeles in crimes between 1987 and 1989, where investigations are pending.

In 2014, he was sentenced to life in prison for killing these three women by suffocation.

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