A Shock at Abu Dhabi airport .. That’s what happened

A Shock at Abu Dhabi airport .. That’s what happened

In a bizarre incident, an Indian visitor “Muammar” arrived at the airport of the UAE capital Abu Dhabi from the Varanasi region of India, born in the last century.
According to the UAE Federal Identity and Citizenship Authority, an Indian visitor recently arrived at Abu Dhabi International Airport from Varanasi, India, who has completed 123 years of age and entered 124 years of age.

The old man, Swami Sivananda, stunned the people around him after he was born in the Bihala district of Kolkata, West Bengal, on August 8, 1896, the century before.

Lt. Col. Ahmed Al-Dallal, director of government liaison at the Authority, was quoted by the Emirates Today newspaper as saying that the passport employees have recorded the passenger’s data in the system of unhindered access.

Al-Dalal denied at the same time what was circulated on social media sites that the passport staff could not enter his data.

The Director of Government Liaison at the Authority said that the passport employees welcomed the visiting Muammar and worked to facilitate his entry to the State, pointing out that Swami left the country after the end of his leave.

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