Adventure: visit the scary ghost town in Qatar!

Ghost town:

Founded at the beginning of the 19th century, this ghost town was inhabited well into the 20th, before the economic boom brought about by oil and gas caused people to move into the main cities.

The village houses were built in the traditional mode, with thick walls to keep out the heat, usually consisting of overlapping coral rock and limestone. The stones are held together with a mud mortar, and coated over with a gypsum-based plaster. The houses were built around the mosque, which is customarily at the center of such townships.

The village may be reached by taking the north road towards Al Khor from Doha, and taking U-turn at the Al Zubarah sign. Drive as though going towards Al Zubarah fort, but turn right just before the fort, while it is visible on your right side. Al Jumail’s coordinates are N 26° 05′ 46.89″ E 51° 09′ 21.94″.

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