The Al Rayyan Family Park: enjoy the green carpet of Qatar! (Video included)

The Al Rayyan Family Park, or known by  Al Bossat al Akhder-The Green Carpet.

However, if you’re on a health kick and looking for somewhere to run, grab your trainers and head to Al Rayyan Park—it has running track going all the way around it.

This is a crying shame, as such a perfectly flat green space would lend itself so well to a game of <sweaters for goalposts> football.

Families are allowed to fly kites, run, play and have picnics on the grass.

Opening hours:  All day and night

Entrance fee:  Free

Parking:  Available

Toilets: exist

Wheelchair and disability accessibility:  The entrances, running track and toilets are accessible to wheelchairs.

Allowed:  Running, jogging, walking, flying a kite, picnics

Not allowed:  Bikes, scooter, skateboards, skates, ball games, BBQs, cooking

Running track is found too.

Food and beverages: No food and drinks for sale in the park itself, however there are take-away shops nearby

Nearby mosque:  No

Wi-fi:  No

Night lighting:  Yes, well-lit at night

To get the location, click here

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