Al Waab Park: play, rest and do a picnic in an awesome park (video included)

A small family park is clean and well-maintained park and considered to be a very safe play zone and an awesome area to do a picnic.

Families and friends who will find it useful area to rest or have some fun, since it’s a great asset and meeting place and even a great area for children to spend some time playing before going to bed.

Opening hours:  06:00-22:00

Entrance fee:  Free

Parking:  exists

Shade:  playgrounds are shaded, while seating area isn’t.

Toilets:  available

Wheelchair and disability accessibility: a wheelchair friendly park

Thing sthat are not allowed:  Bikes, scooters, roller-skates and skateboards, picnics, ball games are not allowed in the park itself, only on the soccer pitch.

Playground basics: see-saws, slides, baby swings, climbing frames, play areas for young toddlers and older kids.

Also a floodlit football pitch is available.

Food and beverages: not found

Nearby mosque:  not found

Wi-fi:  not found

Night lighting:  found

To get the location, please click here

Source (YouTube: وزارة البلدية والبيئة)

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