Alcohol to be banned in Qatar hotels during Eid Al Adha

Qatar Tourism Authority announced that hotels in the country will stop offering alcohol through most of early September.



This step was taken last year also, where the government warned al the hotels not to sell alcohol in public, restaurants and bars, before Eid until its passes by few days. It was the first time that alcohol was banned before Eid Al Adha.



It’s good to mention also that alcohol is banned during Ramadan days and even on the birthday of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh).



But still till now hotels around Doha never received any warn form the government. Most of these hotels are ready for that. Probably they will receive the instructions within days.



For example, last year all the hotels stop offering alcohol in restaurants and they also didn’t offer it in the guest rooms and small bars.



But still alcohol could be offered if it will consumed by the customer in private.



Before Eid Adha in 10 days, there is what’s called the Dhul Hijjah. These days are considered to be holy days where Muslims worldwide come to Mecca in KSA to perform Hajj /pilgrimage. Also Muslims whom are not able to reach this holy city to do Hajj its preferable to do good acts in that time.

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