Alcohol to be banned in Qatar during World Cup 2022

Alcohol will be forbidden during the World Cup 2022 in Qatar, that is to prevent any possible violence or any other problems while the games are taking place.  The decision was taken after monitoring the bad effects of alcohol that led to several incidents in several countries around the world, especially when people get drunk.



The French government used to ban alcohol  48 or 24 hours before any match start during EURO 2016 and even during the matches. Especially that in this event many violence acts took place between the fans during or after the games were ended. So the Qatari government want to prevent violence as much as it can.



Qatar also is trying to meet the highest rate of security.



Probably there is a suggestion that there could be zones for alcohol consumers where they could drink in, but still, this is a suggestion.



There will probably also be courts to judge people who will be drunk or doing violence acts that affect the public properties or the private ones. Taking into consideration that judgments will be gentle.

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