All Details about Qatar National Day 2019


All Details about Qatar National Day 2019


Decorating the main roads and streets started with support in preparation for the National Day celebrations, as preparations began early this year to develop the streets and main roads with flags, as well as the completion of repairs on many roads before the start of the celebrations.
The organizing committee of the National Day celebrations began to develop events arenas and pavilions participating in the celebrations of the National Day in “The Courier Trail”, where the committee began to decorate the Al-Saie Trail site and make the necessary improvements and organize car parks and entry and exit gates, develop internal corridors and choose the locations of the pavilions, to enhance services Presented to the audience of participants, citizens, residents, and tourists from Darb Al-Saei visitors every year
The country’s celebrations of the National Day are considered a great opportunity to announce loyalty, sincerity, love and appreciation for the country and its rational leadership, as during the celebrations the values of solidarity and solidarity between the people of the country and its wise leadership are promoted. The simplest form of expression of joy and joy in the country’s celebrations of the National Day.


The trail of the Courier Trail has been divided into the morning period from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. As for the evening period from 3:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., the organizing committee of the National Day celebrations has been keen on arranging and coordinating the calendar of events, so that the days of Thursday, Friday, and Wednesday are devoted to visiting The public in general, then fixing Saturday for families over the two periods for families, i.e. dividing all days between periods for women, families and the public, so that everyone can visit the trail of the courier on different dates.


In the same context, an official with the Organizing Committee of the National Day celebrations confirmed that letters were sent to all public and private schools, to inform them of the dates of the start of the trail events for this year, to determine the schedule of school visits, especially as this year the trail of the courier will start with the mid-term leave of the first semester, which It gives the opportunity for all children, at all levels of school, to visit the path of the courier and enjoy its various activities throughout the day.


On this day in the history of our country, we remember the fragrant biography of the founder, Sheikh Jassim bin Muhammad bin Thani, may God have mercy on him, who, nearly a hundred and forty years ago, upon his taking over the reins of rule in the country (on December 18, 1878), laid the foundations of our state, laid the foundations for its construction, its rise, preserved its sovereignty, and safeguarded the dignity of its people. He made the dear Qatar a unified, coherent and independent country, feared by opponents, embraces siblings and friends, helps the anxious, respects covenants, observes the right of neighborhood and adheres to values, morals and principles


The celebration of the National Day this year acquires special importance, as it comes while the country faces major challenges from haters, greedy and stalkers. The celebration also comes at a time when various indicators confirm that the State of Qatar has overcome all challenges, and has continued its blessed path with a clear vision, unprecedented plans and programs, and advanced strategies that support it Solid wills and ambitious projects to fortify our state against all dangers and crises and complete its march and rise under the leadership of His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of the country and his rational government


And the national day of our country is considered a generous occasion in which we recall with pride and glory the glories of the past, the tenders and sacrifices of parents and grandparents, and we open a new page in which to renew the covenant and loyalty to the leader of our blessed path, His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of the Redeemer, what is witnessing in our country the cohesion between the people Leadership and major strategic projects led to the development and development of the country in record time compared to other countries and peoples. Qatar has become a model and example to be followed in the welfare and economic and social development based on the pillars and ingredients inherited from generation to generation.


With the grace of God, wisely, directives, and policies of our wise leadership, the State of Qatar is on the path of development and construction and is moving infirm and confident steps towards the future, for the sake of the nation’s rise, and preparing the Qatari person to be able to give, accomplish, excel, excellence, build a precious nation, protect it, and preserve its entity, interests, rights and capabilities through Supplying and arming with knowledge, dedication and sincerity

In work and self-reliance in all walks of life, and in every place of giving and production in our dear homeland.