Seven amazing architectural pieces that you should see in Qatar

1-The Katara mosque
A very beautiful mosque/masjid in Qatar that must be visited by Muslims and Non-Muslims too. With an amazing design, this mosque is considered to be an amazing masterpiece. The exterior and interior designs of this mosque is really awesome.

2-The Grand Mosque
This mosque/masjid was built in the first half of the 20th century and is considered to be one of the biggest mosques in Qatar. This mosque has a very beautiful design from the inside and even when it comes to the space, it has a wide space from inside and outside too.


3-The golden mosque
Found in Katara, this is a small mosque/masjid is covered in gold tiles and a golden Minaret too. The mosque is designed from inside with a simple decoration and furnished with attractive carpets.

4-Al Fanar Islamic cultural center
This mosque/masjid is found near to Doha Corniche. It’s a famous place in the city. It’s designed to be a very attractive piece of architecture with and amazing Minaret. It has a simple interior design that brings calmness and peace into your heart. This mosque had the honor to welcome many famous religious people. No visit to Qatar is complete without a visit to Al-Fanar.

5- Hamad International Airport
This airport that has been chosen to be from the ten wonderful airports in the world. Its modern and beautiful. This airport is considered to be the pride of Qatar.

6-The Pigeon Towers

The Pigeon Towers is located in cultural village, Katara. It’s on one the most photographed buildings in the country. These towers were built between the years 2006 and 2007 and are made up of Eco-friendly materials such as clay, wood and others. They are decorated in a creative, and this is shown through the number of tourists whom visit this place yearly.

7- Burj Qatar
This office tower is one of the most amazing buildings to be found in the country. It was designed by the French architect, Jean Nouvel, with 700 feet tall. The tower has a cylindrical shape.

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