Amazing products will be showed at Ezdan Mall starting tomorrow

Amazing products will be showed at Ezdan Mall starting tomorrow 

As many as 28 renowned Omani fashion, craft and food businesses will be showcased at the prestigious Ezdan Mall in Doha from March 1-4.

The four-day show, which has been Organised by Ithraa and Riyada in partnership with Oman’s embassy in Qatar is a great opportunity for small Omani businesses working in the craft, fashion and food sector to penetrate the lucrative Qatari market, as reported by  The Peninsula.

Nasima Al Balushi, Ithraa’s Director General of Export Development and Acting Director-General of Investment promotion said that Oman’s craft, fashion and food industry is dominated by small businesses.

With the skill and talent in the sector and the positive market reputation it has, the exhibition will prove popular with the Qatari public,” she added.

Meanwhile, Sultan Saif Al Mawali, Marketing Department Director pointed out that Oman’s long history and reputation for first-class craft, fashion and food is beginning to be recognised.


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