Apartments costs in Doha are of the highest worldwide, a study shows

According to a survey, tourists will be able to rent an apartment in Doha via Airbnb but with high price per night compared with most cities worldwide.



The study mentioned Qatar to be in the top ten most expensive cities worldwide, and by this it excelled London that came in rank number 14 and Washington, DC that got rank number 16.



For example renting an apartment for 2 persons will cost, in range, about 148 USD for a night, while it costs 143 USD in London and 140 USD in Washington, DC.



The first expensive city in the world to rent an apartment in is Rio de Janeiro, as mentioned by the study, and that is because many people asked to rent apartments there to attend the Olympic Games that are taking place in Brazil.



To exemplify more, for example you can get a two-bedroom apartment in the ZigZag for $199 a night while a furnished studio apartment on the Pearl for $109 a night, and a one- bedroom apartment in Al Saad for $61.



The study said the Airbnb market is still small in Qatar, but probably it will widen during World Cup 2022, where many people from all over the world to watch the matches, which means that they will be renting apartments.




Beside Doha city, also cities in the region were mentioned such as Kuwait that came in rank number 5 with a cost of 178 USD per night, in addition to Dubai with a rate of 168 USD per night and Riyadh that came in rank number 12 with a cost of 146 USD per night.


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