ATM thieves robbed thousands of dollars

ATM thieves robbed thousands of dollars


Security authorities in the Manhattan area of New York City in the United States of America have reported that thieves stole thousands of dollars from two ATMs inside two small Italian food stores at night.

According to the American newspaper “New York Post”, the police were called to the Italian bakery “La Bella Ferrara” on Mulberry Street in Manhattan at about 8:30 in the morning after one of the workers arrived at the bakery and noticed the disappearance of the ATM installed on the outside of The store, officials said.

Footage from a surveillance camera showed that at about 4:30 am, 2 thieves, wearing masks and gloves, stole the device and then escaped with a black SUV.

Police said the bakery ATM contained more than $ 4,000 in cash. An hour later, the police were called to a cheese shop two blocks away, on Grand Street, where another ATM was stolen, from the wall, that contained about $ 5,000.
Officials said that the second incident was believed to have occurred sometime before 6 am.
Police said it was not clear whether the theft of the ATM machine on Saturday was linked.

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