An awesome event to attend this weekend in Qatar!

Halal Qatar Festival

Those looking for a taste of Qatari culture and heritage should take a stroll around Katara Cultural Village this weekend.

The venue is hosting the 10-day annual Halal Qatar Festival, which features sheep beauty contests, livestock auctions and traditional ardha dancing with swords.

The festival opens on Friday, Feb. 24.

This year’s theme will focus on sheep and goat breeding. In addition to demonstrating methods that help breeding ans d raising sheep, there will be other educational and recreational activities.

Additionally, a market of products are to be on sale, including spices, perfumes, abayas, honey, Arabic coffee and supplies, swords, dates, dairy products, sweets and olive oil.

The festival will run until March 4 and is open to all from 9am to midnight daily at parking area No. 5.

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