Barzan ParkL an Olympic park in Qatar!

A park that has an awesome water fountain, which kids will enjoy so it will be great to cool down after running around in the playground.


After a good long play, settle in one of the many shaded seating areas to have a picnic in the lush, green and well-kept surroundings.


Take a short train trip around the park or hire a single, twin or four-seat bike to ride around the bike track.


The Barzan Park is like an Olympic park that offers sports for life because of the many activities you can practice.


Opening hours:  06:00-22:00 (opens at 16:00 on Mondays)

Parking:  available

Shade:  Entirely shaded playground with several shaded picnic areas

Toilets:  found

Wheelchair and Disability Accessible: found

Things that are allowed:  Picnics, walking, variety of sporting activities using the provided facilities

Things that are not allowed:  Animals, non-park bicycles, scooters, skateboards, BBQs, smoking

Outdoor:  Football pitches, tennis courts, volleyball, handball, basketball, table tennis, walking lane, cycling track, chess court

Indoor:  Two swimming pools (adult & child), gymnasium

Playground basics: a large climbing wall, plastic swings, two large sand pits and others.

You can rent bikes or have paid train rides.

There is an entrance fee. But free for children under three and children with disabilities

Food and beverages: an Ice cream cabin and a cafeteria.

Nearby mosque:  Yes

Wi-fi:  No

Night lighting:  Yes

Location: Umm Şalāl ‘Alī, Qatar

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