BREAKING: HH The Emir will take this step concerning the Qatar-Gulf crisis

BREAKING: HH The Emir will take this step concerning the Qatar-Gulf crisis 

There is a very good chance that the GCC Summit, which is being hosted by Kuwait on Tuesday and Wednesday, could help kickstart the process of solving the Gulf crisis.

HH The Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani has confirmed that he will be taking part in the crucial two-day summit, reported Gulf Times.

This was confirmed by the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister HE Sheikh Mohamed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani.

Speaking at a forum, Sheikh Mohamed said HH The Emir had accepted the invitation to attend, amid the region’s worst political crisis in years.

“I’ll attend the ministerial council (on Monday) and HH The Emir will attend the summit,” he was quoted as saying by The Peninsula.

The GCC summit is the first official gathering of the bloc since Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE severed ties with Doha on June 5 and is considered as an important development.

However, it is understood that the Qatari government is yet to receive the formal agenda for the meeting, reported Bloomberg.

However, Sheikh Mohamed said that the current crisis would be discussed at the meeting, according to Gulf Times.

“It’s important that the GCC system remains alive,” he said.

Sheikh Mohamed stressed that Qatar was keen on maintaining the stability of the GCC as an organisation necessary for the well-being of the region.

“Qatar will remain in the GCC, as exiting the council would lead to its dissolution, which Qatar would never do,” he said.

He hoped the GCC would ultimately emerge stronger with the passing of time “as it takes time for organisations to evolve into blocs like the European Union.”

Sheikh Mohamed showed his appreciation and support for the efforts of the Emir of Kuwait to resolve the crisis, reiterating his affirmation that any solution should not undermine the sovereignty of Qatar in any way.

“Any negotiation should be based on the principles of the GCC Convention and all the related international conventions.”

He said he preferred a solution that would come through a ‘united GCC’ as any external formula would not be as powerful and permanent.

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