BREAKING: Will the Qatar-Gulf crisis end soon?

BREAKING: Will the Qatar-Gulf crisis end soon?

The pressure tactics of siege nations has failed to deliver results as some of the countries that tried to stay away from Qatar look to restore ties.

Doha resident Sana Zarrar told Qatar Urdu Radio, “These countries initially distanced themselves under external pressures but they could not maintain this stance and quickly resumed ties with Qatar.”

He added: “Some small African nations depend on financial aid from the Gulf countries so often that they are under political pressure when it comes to regional politics.”

Zarrar was of the opinion that the reason many countries refused to side with the blockading countries of Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt was because of Qatar’s dialogue and negotiations.

“Qatar has constantly fought its case on all levels, showing proof that the allegations of the blockading countries are false and unjust. This is why countries have had no reason to severe ties with Qatar,” Zarrar added.

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