A campaign in Qatar to make roofs green

People whom are living in Qatar are being encouraged to make the country more green buy planting trees and other kinds of plants on the roof spaces.


This idea is being promoted by the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) in the country, which in turn planted about 225 on the roof of the building that it’s located in to try making the campaign succeed. The ministry hope that the will be affected by the campaign and to follow it, by planting trees and watering them.

A video was made for this campaign. It was published on YouTube, where it shows that most home roofs have water tanks and air conditioning units. These roofs can be turned in green areas with some effort, taking into consideration that it will never affect the stability of the building.

This step will have a positive impact on the environment and will show a great appearance of the buildings.

The MME’s initiative follows a competition held by the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (SCDL) last year about sustainability.

The SCDL awarded a prize to a group of students from the International School of London Qatar, who took few months in converting the roof of one of their buildings into green areas to grow plants, and flowers.

The Qatar Green Building Council is now asking other schools in the country to makes such gardens in some of their free place that could be planted.

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