How to choose the best camping spot in Qatar?

When you want to pick a camping spot in Qatar, you should consider the depth of the water. Since shallow water is awesome for the ideas of splashing, but some swimmers may prefer water that’s a little deeper.


If you have a family, and you are planning to camp then probably Zekreet is the choice camp location, since it has plenty of shallow water, rock pools and climbing for the kids.


Pay attention to tide lines, you wouldn’t want to wake up in the middle of the night to find the tide washing you away. If the sand is dark or brown, then steer clear then you should know this is a “subkah,” a salt-flat that will likely fill with water once the tide comes in.


Camping in Zekreet as it gets less 4×4 traffic than other location such as Inland Sea. If you’re camping in a busy area, pay attention for lots of tire tracks as those indicate a common pathway for other cars.


During night time, other vehicles might not be able to see your campsite, especially if you camp too close to a dune, so try to camp away from high-traffic areas.

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