Couple killed their son in a horrific way

Couple killed their son in a horrific way


A young couple in Singapore has committed a horrific crime of “bloodshed in the veins,” according to media reports.

The so-called couples, Radwan Mega Abdul Rahman and Azalin Arojona, are responsible for the death of their 5-year-old child, who has been subjected to severe and horrific torture for several months.
According to the newspaper “Daily Mail” British, the 27-year-old couple rejected the charges against them of torturing their child by putting him in a small cat box, and burning it with boiling water. They were also charged with beating him throughout his body, leading to his later death, after doctors were unable to help him.

During the couple’s recent trial hearings, the public prosecutor explained that the child had been burned with boiling water several times, in addition to using a “poultice” to torture him in different parts of his body, not to mention locking him in a small pet cage.
The director of the hospital to which the child was taken explained that the victim died quickly, and that the nurses later needed psychological help, as they did not believe that someone had the audacity to torture and kill a child in a very brutal manner.

Although the couple, both from Singapore, refused to speak to the judge about her crime on Wednesday, preferring to remain silent, the court decided to take their confessions before the police before referring them to court.

According to the British newspaper, the court resorted to hearing a number of testimonies of psychiatrists to assess the mental and psychological condition of the couple.

One doctor said in her testimony that the wife suffers from depression and mental disorders that affect her mood, while another doctor explained that the husband has experienced disorders related to hyperactivity and lack of attention, and taking sedatives due to sleep problems.

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