Creative gold smuggling thwarted

Creative gold smuggling thwarted

Russian customs agents have arrested a woman at the Chinese border and in her shoes about two kilograms of gold after she drew attention in a strange walking way, authorities said on Tuesday.

The boy, who was not identified or aged, was found in a Russian woman’s shoe in about two kilograms of gold, a local customs spokesman said. East Siberia after noticing that it was “tense and behaving suspiciously”


After examining the metal detector, it found that it hides in its shoes eight gold bars weighing about 1.9 kg.


The spokeswoman for the customs authorities that the young woman “tied the gold bullion soles her shoes with adhesive tape,” adding that the value of gold bullion is estimated at more than 5 million rubles or the equivalent of 79 thousand dollars.


The gold bullion was also found to be illegally made, and the young woman lacked the necessary documentation.


The authorities opened a criminal investigation and found that the young woman tried to smuggle gold at the request of a Chinese citizen.

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