Dahl Al Hamam Park: a family-friendly park of awesome attractions!

A family-friendly park that has awesome attractions; it even has a cave. It really has a nice atmosphere if you want to relax.

It includes a wide green space set amongst flower-lined pathways the perfect place to sit and eat or make a picnic while your kids are playing and having some fun.

It’s a very well-equipped park with equipped playgrounds.

In general the has relaxed atmosphere more than other ones around Doha City an considered to be one of the best parks in Qatar children and even the disabled.

Opening hours:  07:30-00:00 (café opens at 17:00)

Entrance fee:  Free

Parking:  found

Shade:  most of the areas are shaded. Also there are many trees around the park.

Toilets:  exist

Wheelchair and disability accessibility:  the park is in general wheelchair-friendly.

Games that are allowed:  roller-skating, rollerblading, skateboarding, walking, jogging, basketball, football, biking, scooting..

Things that are not allowed: BBQs, dogs

Outdoor:  Skateboard area, basketball court, fenced-off flood-lit football pitch, adult fitness area

Playground basics: swings, see-saws, climbing areas, benches and others.

Food and beverages: cafes and shops are found

Mosque:  found near the park

Wi-fi:  available for free

Night lighting:  exists

To get the location please click here

Source (YouTube: وزارة البلدية والبيئة)

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