A doctor documents his suicide

A doctor documents his suicide

“Greetings to people who have the ability to end their lives… I’m still 4 hours in front of me.” “I gave up… Life is cruel and all suffering is not worth it.” Thus, an Egyptian doctor documented his suicide in a blog post attached to pictures of heavy blood as a result of cutting his arteries with the aim of suicide, in an act considered by some to be very strange, but on the other hand, this act was the reason for his rescue, as his friends interacted with the leaflets and rushed to his house with a rescue car.

Doctors at a Specialist Hospital, southwest of Luxor, managed to rescue the doctor after he tried to commit suicide because he was in a bad psychological condition.

Michael Hilal posted a text on his Facebook page saying he would die this week.

Hilal suffered a stroke less than two months ago while working at Sheikh Zayed Hospital, where he was placed on a two-month leave in his hometown of Luxor.

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