Doha got the 7th rank among Arabs’ as being an expensive city to live in

A study, published by Economist Website, showed that Doha got the 7th rank among the Arab Cities and the 108th worldwide, as being an expensive city to live in.


The study included 133 cities around the world, an its standards were the costs of about 160 services such as food, clothing and utility bills, and all this is compared to New York city is being a fixed sample to compare prices with.


Amman, Jordan’s Capital came in rank number 29 among the world, and it also got the 1st rank in the Arab World, that is due to the huge increase in the rate of poverty in the city.


After Amman, in the MENA area, came Abu Dhabi, then Dubai, Casablanca, Abidjan, Dakar, Cairo and then Doha city. At the time Riyadh was mentioned to be as one of the cities with lowest costs.


Among the world, Singapore got the 1st rank, followed by Paris, Oslo, Zurich and Sidney. And those got the top 5 ranks last year too.


While Karachi and Bangalore got the 1st ranks worldwide as being cities with lowest costs.

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