Doha is mentioned to be of the ugliest cities ever

Doha City was chosen to be one of the world’s less friendly cities by International Travelers magazine, because of being ugly and of its horrible traffic. The city got the rank number 10.


This result came after a survey in which 128,000 readers participated in. The participants rated the cities according to how friendly they have been to visit. And they mentioned several factors that made them put a city in the rank they wanted to.


But still it fared poorly with Conde Nast Traveler readers, Qatar’s perceived safety and Muslim-friendliness are helping it attract plenty of visitors.


For example, this year it was mentioned to be the second safest country worldwide by the Golden Visa 2015 World Safety Index.


It also gained three more spots in the latest Global Muslim Travel Index and was ranked to be the 5th friendliest  city for spending vacations for Muslims worldwide.


Qatar’s government is planning to welcome about 7.4 million visitors by 2030 from all over the world. For example, this year Qatar welcomed about 1.4 million travelers (6 % less than the same period during last year), half of them were from the GCC. There are some expectations that the number of visitors will improve by the end of this year.

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