Don’t forget to visit Dahl Al Hammam Park!

Don’t forget to visit Dahl Al Hammam Park!

Each country has its own unique culture and several sets of games to go along with it. It will be unique to the region and cannot be played anywhere else.

If you are keen to learn some traditional Qatari games, then all you need to do is head to the Dahl Al Hammam Park, which is located right opposite to the Tawar Mall.

Qatar’s Ministry of Municipality and Environment, in association with the British Council Qatar, has built a unique maze which people can make use of, reported Gulf Times.

The installation represents the streets of old Doha and explores the changing culture of how public spaces in the country are used.

The maze was created by the winners of the British Council Qatar’s ‘Unlimited Doha Design Prize.’ The maze proved to be quite popular at the Qatar British Festival 2017 for ‘combining art and architecture.’

Park-goers will get a chance to feel how to play in the narrow streets (passages) of Doha, as well as play traditional Qatari games, as they pass through the maze.

“Doha is famous for its modern architecture, but we want to ensure people don’t forget about the history and culture of the people who help make Qatar what it’s today,” Mohamed Al Khouri, director of the Public Parks Department at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, was quoted as saying by Qatar Tribune.

British Council Qatar is showcasing the award-winning design, named ‘The Streets of Doha | City of Joy: Maze at Dahl Al Hamam Park’ for two months.

The British Council Qatar will also hold a talk titled ‘Streets of Doha: Between the Future and the Past,’ which will discuss the influence of traditional Qatari architecture on the urban fabric of Doha today.

It will also explore how it will continue to shape the future of the city.

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