Don’t miss the Ramadan Bazaar

Don’t miss the Ramadan Bazaar

Bedaya Ramadan Bazaar is taking place at Mirqab Mall until May 21, 2019 from 7 pm to 1 am.

The Bedaya Ramadan Bazaar, with its outstanding design which symbolizes the old popular Souq is inspired by the one thousand- and one-night’s stories. With a centered place for the herald who will be telling stories for kids on an hourly basis, the Bazaar is the perfect platform for 30 local startups for showcasing, promoting and selling their goods under one vibrant and colorful roof.

The Bazaar aims to support small and medium businesses established by young, talented, ambitious, and creative Qatari entrepreneurs by providing them with the opportunity to showcase their products in a strategic location, considered as one of the most appealing shopping malls in Qatar.


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