Dukhan Beach: best spot in Qatar to picnic, surf and swim

The beach is no that crowded. This will give you a real chance to rest and experience peace.


The beach has few permanent tents and parking lots.


You can also park cars near the beach.


Beach is relatively clean.


It has lovely sand for long walks. It’s also good for a evening walks.


You should be a bit careful when swimming because of the rocks.


The water is not too deep so kids of all ages can play here. The shoreline also gives the best spot to watch fish and crabs. Also available in the shoreline are nipa huts and cottages equipped with tables and chairs.


It’s an awesome place so do some BBQ.


You need to take all your food and drinks.


The beach is known not only for a picnic spot but also for surfing and swimming.


Its open and free for the public.


To get the location please click here

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