Expat worker died in mysterious circumstances

Expat worker died in mysterious circumstances

A new Filipina domestic worker died in Kuwait.

This incident has renewed tensions between the Gulf country and the Philippines.

Some reports that the 47 year-old housemaid was probably sexually abused and fatally beaten by her Kuwaiti employer.

Kuwaiti police arrested the 60-year-old employer for questioning,

An initial examination of the woman’s body indicated that her death was natural and there is no criminal cause behind it.

Investigations are still going on.

Philippines’ Labour Secretary Silvestre Bello III, meanwhile, hinted at the possibility of re-imposing a ban on the dispatch of domestic workers to Kuwait over Dayag’s death.

Last year the Philippines banned its nationals from working in Kuwait over alleged abuses after a dead Filipina was found stuffed in a freezer inside an apartment in Kuwait.

The ban was later lifted amid a thaw in ties between the two countries after they signed an agreement regulating the employment of domestic workers in Kuwait.


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