Expatriate workers looking to change jobs can apply for it online in Qatar

Last month a new labor law came into effect and it gave people the right to change jobs once their contract ends.

Good news!

Today those whom are looking to change their jobs can apply for it online via the official site for Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs.

In details, you should go to this link and you will be taken to an e-service page for seeking ‘employer change’ and ‘leave the country.’ Applicants can enter their Qatar ID and mobile numbers in order to apply for it.

The rules and regulations for changing jobs are mentioned in the site.

According to the site, an expatriate can change jobs provided the new employer has an approval for a position for the same nationality, gender and profession.

The employee looking for a job change should submit a request to the ministry 30 days before the contract comes to an end, if it is a fixed–term contract.

While if there is an open-ended contract, the worker should stay not less than 5 years in service and the notice period would be 30 days if the duration of service is 5 years, and 60 days, if the duration of service is more than 5 years.

Again the link is here


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