Expats holding this nationality must read the following news

Expats holding this nationality must read the following news 

It is always a nightmare for parents when it comes to seeking admissions for their children in schools based in Qatar.

It is even tougher for parents from India because of the sheer number of pupils seeking admissions in any particular year.

This year, parents had an extra reason to worry as a circular shared on social media spoke about age limit for admissions being lowered by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

According to the circular, the maximum age to join KG1 was revised to 3 years, 11 months and 29 days as of September 30. Last year, this had been 4 years, 11 months and 29 days.

A senior official of an Indian school in Qatar confirmed that such a directive had indeed been shared by the ministry. However, school authorities approached the ministry and requested to be exempt from this rule change this year as the admission process were over across the country, reported The Peninsula.

“The ministry issues directive considering the academic year for Qatari schools and IB schools, which starts their session in September. While new academic session for Indian schools starts in April and we’ve finished the whole process. So this year there won’t be any change in the age limit,” the school official was quoted as saying by The Peninsula.

When queried if the new age limit would be implemented next year, the official said there was no confirmation about it yet.

According to media reports, the directive will come into effect in most schools except Indian ones from this year. It will be implemented in Indian schools next year.

This will affect students whose parents have decided to skip a year, which is a common practice, before admitting the kids in KG1 as they feel the kid will be more mature and able to handle the studies.

If the rule is implemented, such parents will have to seek admission directly to KG2.

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