Facebook officially launches long-awaited feature

Facebook officially launches long-awaited feature

On Tuesday, Facebook officially launched the “Clear Browsing History” feature, which would damage the ability to target users in ads on the social platform.

Facebook’s algorithms rely on browsing logs (which include search words, apps, and browsed sites) to find out what each user is searching for with targeted ads.

The website “CNBC” that Facebook launched the feature “off –Facebook activity”, which allows users to clear their browsing history and separate “their Facebook account” from the sites they visit.

“The feature also allows users to see the applications and websites they interacted with, and to clear that information from their Facebook accounts for non-exploitation in advertising.”

The “Outside Facebook” feature aims to see a summary of all applications and sites that send Facebook information about their users, for the purpose of exploitation in the ads displayed on the famous social site.

This feature comes after more than a year and a half of waiting, after the US company faced many demands and criticism for violating the privacy of its users for commercial purposes.

Facebook said on its blog that it has begun to launch the new feature gradually, as it will initially be the monopoly of three countries (Ireland, South Korea and Spain), and to be circulated worldwide in the coming months.

Earlier, Facebook lost billions of dollars of market value after it emerged that data company “Cambridge Analytica” collected data from the accounts of 87 million users on Facebook, to be used in the campaign of President Donald Trump during the presidential election.

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