Facebook will take a huge step

Facebook will take a huge step

According to press reports, the world’s most popular social network, Facebook, is considering abolishing the “button” addicted to its use by millions.

TechCrunch published a report in which it was transferred from Facebook sources to test its new Facebook update, where the Like button disappears from some posts on Facebook.

It is expected that the name of a friend who liked the post will appear below the post, followed by the word “others”, but the number of “likes” will not appear in the post.

But it appears in the “Screenshots” that the number of comments and posts is still visible on the publication.

Facebook is expected to start testing that new feature on a wide range of users later.

Facebook explained this in its endeavors, to treat the case of “addiction”, where some try to get more likes in their publications, which makes them not to write publications based on their personal conviction, but to get more likes.

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