Fauchon Cafe: a new menu

Fauchon Cafe: a new menu

Fauchon Cafe, announced an exciting new menu and is celebrating the expansion of its Luxury Level Wedding, Events & Catering Services.

Its now offering competitive packages such as dinners or any other meal, set up, Kosha, table décor, flowers, photography and lights.

This step is welcomed by customers.

Fauchon Café launched its new menu on the night of October 10, 2018.

Fauchon Cafe’s spirit of fusion is now expanded.

Besides breakfast, lunch and dinner and the French cuisine.

The cafe offers more than upmarket catering solutions.

Chefs work to create master-piece, one of a kind wedding cakes, or cakes for any event, buffet or pre-platted catering, unique pass around sweet and savoury selections or desserts tables.



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