Fitness Center closed down due to indecent video

Fitness Center closed down due to indecent video

The moderate Islamic wave has struck Saudi Arabia. As part of the Vision 2030, the women of Saudi Arabia will be enjoying certain liberty so that they can take part in economic activities to uplift the economy of the country.

Soon, by June, the women would be issued driving licenses and now they are allowed to take part in sports also. The ban on physical education of women had been uplifted since 2014. The Saudi government is looking forward to initiating compulsory physical education of women.

We all know that to take part in sports, women need to have training and fitness centers. These centers were soon opened in Saudi Arabia. Women, in a significant number, have already joined in while there are many who are eager to take part.

Soon promotional videos were out there on social media which filmed women working out. It was a great sight you know: seeing women lifting weights and doing difficult tasks. The news soon spread and it had an international coverage.

People around the world appreciated the practicing of women rights. However, one of the fitness centers faced a closure due to their promotional video. The fitness center that is located in Riyadh was ordered to close as it filmed and posted a video that showed inappropriate content.

The fitness center’s license has been withdrawn on the orders of Turki Al Shaikh who is the Saudi sports authority chief. The video took rounds on social media where a woman was working out while wearing fitted workout dress and had her hair uncovered.

The woman was dancing and kickboxing. The people asked the authorities to look into the matter as by no ways it is a step towards moderate Islam. When the issue spread to social media, Al-Shaikh tweeted that the fitness center’s license shall be withdrawn.

Al-Shaikh who is also an adviser to Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman called for immediate investigation. He has asked the authorities to take up an action against those who are responsible for the video. So far, the investigation reports have not been made public.

The person uploading the video has not been tracked down. The General Sports Authority, however, has assured that the issue would be resolved soon and investigations would be carried out.

They believe that it is a sensitive issue that needs to be investigated as it contained content that is responsible for polluting public morals. Saud Al Qah’tani who is a media adviser to the royal court has also spoken on the very matter.

His tweet which is being applauded reads that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is on its path towards Islamic moderation without hurting or breaking morals.

People are asking for ready action against the fitness Centre and people involved in uploading the video as this is not something acceptable. Women in Saudi Arabia can perform arts and sports but they shall do it within Islamic spheres.

We know that the Saudi Government has just lifted the ban on Saudi Women. It will take some time for them to settle down and understand their limits and playground.


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