For the first time you can transfer “WhatsApp” conversations

For the first time, you can transfer “WhatsApp” conversations


According to international press reports, the instant messaging application “WhatsApp” will allow its users to transfer conversations for the first time from devices running the “Android” operating system to “iPhone” phones.

A report published on the “Times News Now” website indicated that “WhatsApp” is currently testing a technology that can synchronize a user’s chat history between the “Android” and “iPhone” platforms.

This technology will also allow using the same “WhatsApp” account on more than one device on different platforms at the same time.

And “WhatsApp” explained that this feature is still under testing on devices running “Android” and “iOS”, and will adopt it in the coming period.

It will also be possible to run this new feature also in conjunction with the desktop version of “WhatsApp Web”.