Foreign Private School shutdowns in Qatar

Foreign Private School shutdowns in Qatar

Parents of students studying in Doha Modern Indian School got an official message from the school, stating that it is shutting down after this academic year 2019/2020 is over. Parents have also been asked to find a space for their children for the following academic year i.e. 2020/2021.

Doha Modern Indian School is one of the oldest Indian schools in Qatar; it opened in 2005. There are more than 2000 students enrolled in the school right now.

Whatsapp messages have also been going around stating the shutdown.

We got in touch with the management of the school and when asked, the Parent Relation Officer didn’t have any comment on the situation. We were not given any further information.

A parent informed us that when enquired about the reason for this closing, the management replied that they are having financial issues and if the Ministry approves their application regarding increasing school fees, they might be able to reopen.

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