Four activities that sea lovers could do in Doha,Qatar

1-Camp along the coast

Do it in Zekreet that has amazing limestone cliff formations and many more. At this moment, take Al Rayyan Road towards Dukhan. After you exit the signs for Zekreet , take the road that will lead you a small town. The road will end after an old mosque, but still there will be a track to follow. Take that road and you will reach a very amazing place where you can camp.

Also you could do it in Fuwairat which has a very nice sandy beaches and good locations to camp by the sea. There you can see the turtles at the end of May. Now take the Doha Expressway north out of the city, and ride for around an hour. Exit at the sign for Fuwairat. Here you are!


2-Ride a dhow

Wherever you go you will be able to find them. They differ in the quality of food they offer. But still you can experience something new while moving in the sea and getting some rest.


3-Spend a weekend at Sealine

If you like, you can spend a week with clear water and take a jet ski, play tennis or football, and dive in the sea. You can take room, villa or chalet. In fact these shrines aren’t five stars, but they are good to spend time in for one week.


4-Spend a long weekend at Banana Island Resort

If you drive your car for 25 minutes out of you will find yourself at the Banana Island Resort. There you can rest and have some quiet moments. If you like you can take villas after water. Don’t miss golden sand and even to go to cinemas, restaurants, cafes and even take a small tour in that destination. You will love it!


Enjoy your time!

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